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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you avoid underground utilities when you start to dig up a lawn?

You can dial the "Call Before You Dig" phone number which is 811. The operator will notify the local utilities to come to your home and mark out the underground utilities – so that you'll know where NOT to dig.

How do you decide what plants to select for our property?

Location is everything and in landscape language it's called site selection. We locate your new plants based on the proper light, water and soil conditions.

What is your advice if I don't have a lot of time for landscape maintenance?

Every lawn and garden needs attention – there is no easy way out unless you hire a lawn service. However, Landscape941 can install the correct irrigation and Xeroscape plants which are labor saving.

What plants will grow under large trees?

Often exposed root systems go along with large trees. It is not a good idea to smother them with mass beds of perennials because you could put the tree's health in jeopardy. One solution may be to spread a three-inch layer of mulch over the roots which works wonders to give a clean, fresh appearance. Potted plants under large trees are beautiful and a good landscape secret!

How much should I water the lawn?

A good rule is 3/4 inch to one inch of water two times per week during the hot seasons. Back that down to once per week in the winter months. Be sure to count any rainfall during the week in that count.

How do I get rid of the weeds in my grass?

A healthy, well-maintained lawn keeps weeds from establishing and growing to full potential – that means proper fertilization, mowing and watering are essential.