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Welcome to Landscape941

The pros at Landscape941 are the ones to call for landscape, irrigation, outdoor lighting and hardscape in the 941 area code of Manatee, Sarasota and Charlotte Counties. Our experienced designers and installers transform residential and commercial properties in Bradenton and Sarasota into magnificent outdoor spaces by carefully selecting sights, sounds and scents.

We will listen to your ideas, carefully evaluate your property, and then provide a detailed schematic which keeps in mind your needs, budget and the weather fluctuations of southwest Florida. For theme gardens, butterfly, bird and honey bee habitats, Xeriscaping or commercial locations with heavy traffic, we at Landscape941 are the savvy professionals to call.

Landscape Experience Pays Off

A good landscaper has to have vision. Although there are only empty lots now, what will a subdivision look like in a few years? Where should we plant shrubbery for privacy? Is the available area better suited for a vertically shaped Southern Magnolia or a Live Oak tree's eventual massive canopy? Will that palm tree make it through freezing weather if planted away from the coast line? Are trees planted close to the building going to cause damage in high winds? Our landscape designers have the experience and training to anticipate what your landscape plants will do as they mature. We also know what it will require to care for the plant material we install, and we are happy to share our advice with you.

Landscape Renovations Add Value to Your Home

When an existing landscape needs sprucing up, we often use a combination of new and already on-site plant materials. Transplanting a specimen palm to a new location for instance can really enhance the appearance of your property without incurring the higher cost of purchasing a mature tree. This combined with new plants and mulch is often what makes the potential buyer look closer at your home if it's on the market.

Water is Always an Issue in Southwest Florida

All plants, palms and trees require water; the proper amount is the key to having the landscape reach its full potential. Landscape941 designs and installs irrigation systems whether it is for homes that have the typical conventional controller or a subdivision with commercial systems accommodating hundreds of zones on one controller. Irrigation systems are mandatory for lower maintenance as well as reduced water use--both save you time and money.

And one way to really waste money is to run your sprinklers while it's raining. We can add a rain sensor to your existing system which temporarily shuts off the sprinklers during or after a storm while keeping the scheduled time. From time to time, everyone needs to test and repair their irrigation system. Our qualified service technicians can evaluate your entire system quickly and make corrections on site. Our fully equipped trucks are ready to handle any repair.

Adding Outdoor Living Areas to Your Property

Transforming bare lawn with curving patios, pavers, landscape lighting, furniture and water features all surrounded by beautiful tropical plants lets you truly take advantage of the beautiful Florida lifestyle. When designing a landscape plan it is most important to begin with a sound, overall hardscape design. We use a computer generated program (CAD) showing paver walkways, patios and decorative block walls. These "to-scale" drawings help you visualize what your property will eventually look like.

Landscape lighting can enhance both your buildings and plant material while providing light to walkways. The brand lighting we install is low voltage with professional grade transformers and fixtures that will last for many years. The correct placement of the lights is very important because typically you want to see the light and not the fixture. We must carefully choose just the right location which will not become overgrown, but will conceal the fixture during the day.

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